Discover an Olive Oil Mill in the Mountains Cádiz

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by Indication of Country of Origin, Sierra de Cádiz

Discover an Olive Oil Mill in the Mountains Cádiz

18,00 / person

Children 13 – 17 years
Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years

An experience to discover the fascinating world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production in the Sierra de Cádiz, surrounded by nature.

In the modern oil mill of the Cooperativa de Remedios Picasat you can see how it is produced in a differentiated way, an oil of organic production and another of integrated production. It is a medium-sized oil mill, with industrial machinery where you can find out how the entrance of the olive, its milling, centrifugation, care and packaging for its distribution are carried out today.

The classification of oils according to their quality is presented by means of the tasting of initiation or advanced level if you have already had other experiences with oil.

During the visit you can also learn how the by-products of the olive grove are used and used to reuse them as fertilizer for example, and thus take care of the environment. Our composting plant is visitable.

Our visit is aimed at any visitor or tourist. We also have experience receiving larger groups such as students from schools, institutes, university degrees, as well as from hospitality schools or also personnel linked to catering. We carry out more technical visits for oil mill personnel, farmers, consumer groups …

An expedition to the world of olive oil and nature that you cannot miss!

**This Experience requieres e minimum group of 5 people









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The mountains of Cádiz is a very traditional olive growing area, the most representative of the province of Cádiz. In the northwest of Cádiz bordering with Sevilla and Grazalema Natural Park. The Apellation of Origin "Mountains of Cádiz" only protects Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) of the varieties: Alameño from Montilla, Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla, Picual,...
Location: 11690 Olvera, Cádiz, España. Descripción de cómo llegar a la ubicación de la experiencia


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