Visit our organic Tropical fruits family farm

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by José Antonio

Visit our organic Tropical fruits family farm

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Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years
Children 13 – 17 years

Have you ever seen how organic avocados, custard apples or mangos are cultivated? Some trees in our farm are more than 70 years old.

In our farm you get to know why we enjoy this subtropical microclimate in the south of Spain, at the heart of Río Verde valley. You will have a first hand experience in understanding organic farming and its effect on the soild, the plants, the fruits, the farmer, and the consumers.

You can participate in the seasonal work in the farm, be it picking the fruit, pollinating custard apples, or organic fertilizing and care of the soil.




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We are a family with two nips for whom we wanted a life closer to the land and the countryside. So one good day in March 2013 we said goodbye to the "Puerta de Alcalá" (Madrid), we took our gear and to the sound of music we began our little recapture of Granada. Currently to...
Location: Gasolinera Virgen del Agua Jete. Meeting poin is  "Virgen del Agua gas station, Jete", On the A-4050 road between Jete and Almuñécar. From there we will head out in our 4x4 pickup to the farm which is about 1 Km far.  Don´t forget to wear comfortable shoes!


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