Goat Farm in the Natural Park of Grazalema

Goat Farm in the Natural Park of Grazalema

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Children 13 – 17 years
Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years

Visiting this farm of murciano-granadina goats is much more than that. It’s venturing into the natural park of Grazalema, to be surrounded by an impressive landscape of mountains, holm oaks, carob trees, Mediterranean aromatic plants such as thyme, amongst olive trees, gorse and the pastures than give a special flavour to the Puerto Carrillo cheese.

In this country cheese farm you will be welcomed by Domingo, the shepherd and creator of raw milk cheeses with the milk of his own goats. You’ll begin your experience walking through his vast rural property where the goats roam free, the kids accompany their mothers… You’ll learn about the management of these animals in their day-by-day routine…

Later, you will enter the small workshop where the cheese is made in a completely artisanal way and with the use of renewable energies following an enzymatic or lactic coagulation as well as yoghourt. You’ll be able to ask the producer directly about the secrets of the cheese world.

To finish, the much awaited tasting of the cheeses that may have been produced and in case cottage cheese has been produced, you’ll be able to taste it too.

**This Experience requires a minimum of 5 adults** (In case you want to do it in less number you can pay the equivalent price for 5 people. For more information: info@goinsitu.com) and if it is not reached an alternative data will be offered.

**This Experience is interpreted by an specialized guide.


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Domingo Puerto lidera esta "quesería de campo" situada en Benaocaz, pueblo blanco de la Serranía de Cádiz, en pleno corazón del Parque Natural de Grazalema (Suroeste de Andalucía, España).  Domingo es ganadero de tercera generación y tiene un rebaño de 140 cabras murciano-granadinas en su finca de 30 hectáreas, aunque Domingo dio un paso más...
Location: Lugar Benaocaz, Rancho Domingo Puerto s/n, 11612 Benaocaz, Cádiz. Lugar Benaocaz, Rancho Domingo Puerto s/n, 11612 Benaocaz, Cádiz. Take the A373 from the town el Bosque and drive towards Ubrique. Along Km 25 - 26 take the diversion towards the left (dirt track). The track goes uphill for about 100m, then continue straight along the dirt track for 1,5Km and take the first left where you will find a Canadian Crossing (with iron tubes on the floor to prevent cattle crossing). Then continue straight for 1,5Km and you will have arrived to our farm. The entrance has a green gate with the name of our cheese farm on it. It is closed but not locked, open it and enter.


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