The complete offering of GOinsitu rural Experiences is listed on the website and can be searched by specifying the category, the name of the activity or the location. The search will then take you to a second page where you can book an activity from the map, using filters like language, price, kid’s activities, access for persons with disabilities, etc.

On the website there is also direct access to specific Experiences.

Once you’ve chosen an experience, select a date on the host’s calendar, specify the number of visitors with you and then click on Booking.

You can book an experience without having to sign up. All you have to provide are the basic details for the visit.

The booking confirmation will be sent to you by email and will include all the details of your reservation.

You can log in by clicking on “My account” (from the website’s top menu), or by using your Facebook or Google account.

If you register to join the GOinsitu Community, you will have access to your own control panel. There, you can manage your bookings and purchases.

You will also have access to discounts on your next reservations.
If you have completed all these steps correctly, then congratulations!! You are an official GOinsitu member!!

Proceed to the location indicated on your confirmation email or on the Host’s profile. And the only thing left to do then is enjoy “in situ” an unforgettable Experience!!

If you want to buy products that you tasted during your visit, you can do so on the GOinsitu website. We will send them to your home whenever you like.

All products are offered online and can be acquired directly from the Experience site.

Gift a GOinsitu Experience

Goinsitu also has Gift Vouchers. What’s better than giving someone an experience!

You can choose a specific Experience or purchase a Gift Voucher in any amount. The recipient can then redeem the voucher for an Experience or for products offered by GOinsitu.

After purchasing a Gift Voucher you will receive a confirmation email. An email will also be sent to the person receiving the gift.