GOinsitu Experiences

Agricultural experiences

Book your guided visit to a working farm. Enjoy a day in the countryside benefitting from the wisdom and know-how of traditional farmers. Savor fresh vegetables directly from the garden and pick ripe fruit. Walk through olive groves and taste the “liquid gold”. Sample wines made from the most natural vineyards…

Experiences with Shepherds and Farms

Book your guided visit to small farms and cattle ranches. Be a shepherd for a day. Taste artisanal cheeses. Discover the world of bees and taste their honey. Meet happy chickens and take a ride among the animals of the cultural landscape of the dehesas.

Artisan experiences

Book your guided visit and explore the place where products are made respecting artisanal traditions. Immerse yourself in gastronomic tourism and discover artisanal beers, marmalades, liquors, chocolates and more.

Ecologic experiences

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GOinsitu is your search engine for unforgettable Experiences in the rural world, where you can find the most authentic producers and growers, traditional activities and the best artisanal products made with love.

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Our experiences are in REDUCED GROUPS and mainly in open spaces in the natural environment so our visitors can be, in general, calmer. For those activities that take place in closed spaces such as wineries, breweries, cheese factories… Our hosts are prepared to follow the hygiene and safety protocols for the prevention of the Covid19 virus.


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