I am very glad to present this new project, «Goinsitu», an online platform for Agricultural, Livestock and Artisan Experiences of small organic producers, shepherds and extense livestock farming.

Visitors will be able to book online their Experience and they will be welcome by their Hosts, the producers themselves. In turn, GOinsitu offers online sales of its products, with no other intermediary than the website.

If you are a tourist, a traveler, a curious person, an urbanite person, an ecologist, a farmer, an expert, a child or an adult that is what matter the less, because the essence is to enjoy live the natural.

I invite you to visit it, to share it, to spread it, to take part in its Experiences as well as to taste its products full of love and flavor made every day by the protagonists of GOinsitu.

Lorena García Faciabén
The founder