“La Huerta de GUI”, Experience in Agroecological Garden

“La Huerta de GUI”, Experience in Agroecological Garden

20,00 / person

Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years
Children 13 – 17 years

The experience at the “Huerta de Gui” meets the necessary requirements to leave a mark on the visitors who know from the hand of Gui, all the emotions that are in contact with the plants and trees in the garden activating all the senses.

Learning, Applying and Feeding is the hallmark that identifies our way of understanding life. The visit begins with a video and then a walk through the orchards to learn about the different forms of crops and the crops themselves.

And ending with a tasting of seasonal products.

Gui’s Orchard

“La Huerta con DUENDE”

* This Experience requires a minimum of 2 people to complete.


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Hola soy Gui y te quiero agradecer el que decidas disfrutar de una visita a la huerta. En La huerta de Gui estamos día a día mimando todos los productos como si los cultivaras tú mismo. Nuestra seña de identidad es Aprender cada día, Aplicar lo que aprendemos y Alimentar nuestras vidas con la mayor...
Location: pago del dailimon, 18194 Churriana de la Vega, Granada. In the municipality of Churriana de la Vega, taking the GR3303 county road that joins the municipality with Granada, at the roundabout that has the flag of Andalusia where the ship is restored, you must take the exit that is unpaved and 850 m there is a crossing, you go straight ahead and you can see Gui's garden.


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