Tour Visit to the Hives and Beekeeping

Tour Visit to the Hives and Beekeeping

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Near of Jerez de la Frontera, in a very nice ranch you will meet a mythical food, surrounded by legends to which all kinds of healing and nutritional properties are attributed, honey.

You will come into one of the most original and sweet museums in Andalusia whose managers have been dedicated to beekeeping for more than twenty years accompanied by millions of bees that make the most delicious and beneficial honey for health, worhty of several of the most prestigious awards. important that are granted in Spain. Our qualified guides will be the ones who will show the contents of this Experience: the bee and its organization. A unique opportunity to become a beekeeper for a few hours !!

The visit begins at the doors of the museum, where dressed in beekeeper suits the visitors descend to the so-called “Square of the Bees”. The visitors take a seat on a circular stand and the specialists begin to uncover the hive’s best-kept secrets. During the explanations the importance of the bee as a pollinator and conservator of the environment is underlined, it was declared in 2019 as the most important living being on the planet.

There are dozens of varieties of honey and all of them are represented in the “Rancho Cortesano”, since they are the owners of more than two thousand hives grouped in forty apiaries distributed by the mountains and natural parks of the province of Cádiz.

In addition, each visitor will be able to pack a small jar of honey and create their own natural beeswax candle.

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    It was fantastic!
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