Olive Harvesting and Olive Oil Mill Experience

Olive Harvesting and Olive Oil Mill Experience

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Do you want to be an olive picker for a day? We offer you a 100% olive-growing experience in which we will begin by learning how to harvest olives.




It is the period from October to November and our oil is called early harvest oil precisely because we harvest it at the moment of “veraison” when the olives, still green, start to turn purple… The olive-growing day will begin under the olive trees with the “vareo” and olive harvesting. We will then visit olive trees, which are no less than a thousand years old! They are a true agricultural and cultural heritage. When we finish our visit, we will recharge our batteries with a snack of typical local products.


Next, we will visit the olive mill where you can see the olive milling process to obtain our prized organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. And finally, you can see our interesting exhibition on the history of olive trees from the Arab period, Lucios, and we will conclude with a varied tasting of olive oils.


*A minimum of 2 people is required for this visit.


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