The Organic Sheep from Loja

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by Lojeña Sheep Breed Association

The Organic Sheep from Loja

26,00 / person

Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years
Children 13 – 17 years

Thanks to the Association of the Sheep breed Lojeña you will be able to meet this beautiful breed that, close to extinction, has been saved by those who care for them the most, their shepherds. In this experience you will be able to know a farm with ecological certification (explanation of its management, natural therapies for the herd, its food, how it is sold, product innovation …).

Then there will be a tour of the beautiful Sierra de Loja, the beautiful ecosystem where these sheep are raised.

You can also attend an ecological wool spinning and carding workshop run by artisan Sian Huertas.

If it is not winter time, you will be able to see what traditional shear shearing consists of.

And for the smallest of the family there is the possibility of giving a bottle to a lamb.

Optionally you can reserve for the end of your day a tasting of our organic lamb.

* This Experience requires a minimum of 10 people to be carried out


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The Association of Livestock Breeders of the Sheep Breed Lojeña del Poniente Granadino (ACROL), founded in 2007, is a non-profit organization of purebred breeders with 51 members, whose purpose is the conservation, improvement and dissemination of the race. The Lojeña Sheep Breed Association receives the award for sustainability in rural areas in 2015 from the...
Location: Calle San Rafael, 3, 18300 Venta del Rayo, Granada, Spagna. Descripción de cómo llegar a la ubicación de la experiencia


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