Enjoy the Goat Murciano-Granadina in Farm Júrtiga

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Enjoy the Goat Murciano-Granadina in Farm Júrtiga

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Children 13 – 17 years
Children < 5 years
Children 6 – 12 years

Cheese factory Júrtiga is located in the beautiful Granada area of ​​Alhama de Granada, named after the Arabs who lived in these lands and whose original name was al-hammam (hot springs or the bath) for its thermal waters that can still be enjoyed .

In this landscape of Mediterranean forests and pastures, our Murciano-Granada goats graze and live happily.

To start you will visit where the goats live and you will know the way in which we shepherd them, we feed with our own cereal crops and we manage to achieve a total well-being.

Then we will visit our cheese factory that is located a few meters from the stable and you will be able to see the complete artisan process of our rich cheeses, from the moment the freshly milked milk from the goats enters until it curdles and turns into cheese.

Of course, at the end of our entire visit you will be able to taste our various aged, aged, spiced cheeses, including fresh cottage cheese if they have been produced. And our cheeses will be paired with local wine, since Alhama de Granada is also famous for them. To the smallest we will serve a refreshing juice accompanying the cheese.

We are in a privileged natural environment and we do not want to let you go without first greeting the old gall oak from Júrtiga, who has been with us for a hundred years and is in the catalog of unique trees in the province of Granada.

**This visit has a guide who translates into English.


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Agroganadería Júrtiga C.B. es una empresa familiar fundada por los hermanos, Antonio y José Luis Pérez Peula, que continuamos con una larga tradición familiar agrícola y ganadera. Nos situados en la provincia de Granada, en concreto, junto al bello paraje de Alhama de Granada y en la actualidad contamos con una cabaña de 1.400 cabezas...
Location: 36.98489108128108, -4.043780357573471. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ON HOW TO GET THERE From Alhama de Granada, we take the A-402 road towards Malaga, we turn right at the detour next to the fire station along the road that connects Alhama with Ventas de Zafarraya and after 5 km we take the lane of land on the left towards Júrtiga. Following this path for about 3 km we will arrive at the Cortijo Júrtiga Cheese Factory.


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